Real hope starts with Jesus! 

Oxford Advent Christian Church
1130 Main St
Oxford, ME 04270
Morning Service Sundays at 10 AM
Evening Service Sundays at 5:30 PM

Youth Groups for students K-12 Wednesday at 6 PM
Prayer Meeting Wednesday at 6:30 PM
             with Deacon Jerry Ellingwood
Welcome to the Oxford Advent Christian Church website. Please do check us out. If you are new to the Oxford Hills or are looking for a church family or are just visiting please stop by! Our Sunday morning service is at 10:00am at 1130 Main Street in Oxford. We also sponsor several small groups that meet in homes throughout the area as well as at our church.
Through careful study, we have come to believe...

* That the Bible is the inspired message of God to mankind.

* That God exists in the person of the Father, is revealed to man in the person of Jesus, and is now resident in believers in the person of the Holy Spirit.

* That all people sin by nature and by choice.

* That God willingly forgives all who will accept the death of Jesus as the payment for their sin.

*That Jesus arose bodily from death and ascended into Heaven.

*That Jesus will return bodily to Earth to receive His Church.

* That all will be raised bodily and spiritually from death.

* That all must stand before God to be judged.

* That the consequence of unforgiven sin is death and destruction in Hell.

* That all believers of all time will be joined with Jesus Christ eternally in what Jesus called the Kingdom of God.

* That the chief purpose of the Church is to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.

* That normal and appropriate response to faith in Jesus 
Christ promotes godly service.

Our pastors belong to, and work with, the Oxford Hills Pastors Prayer Fellowship.

Oxford Advent Christian Church is a member of and actively supports the Advent Christian General Conference of America, headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, as well as the Eastern Region Association of Advent Christian Churches and the Maine State Conference of Advent Christian Churches.

​What We Believe